GPS Splitter Cable - 20" Length

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The engineers at BMW, Mercedes, and Audi designed and placed the high-quality OEM GPS antenna in the optimal location for best performance.

With our GPS splitter cable, you can continue to use your OEM GPS antenna with the factory navigation and share it with your new Android monitor. 



What is included:

1 GPS splitter cable

Cable length = 50CM





How to connect the GPS splitter cable.

1. The factory GPS antenna (BLUE Fakra) is disconnected from the back of the factory radio.

2. Plug the factory GPS (BLUE Fakra) connector into the "INPUT" port of the GPS splitter cable.

3. Plug "Output 1" into the BLUE GPS port at the back of the factory radio.

4. Plug "Output 2" into the new monitor GPS port.

GPS Splitter


BMW CIC NBT LVD And GPS connector