FM Transmitter Mini AUX Adapter with Built-in 3.5mm Jack

Connects AUX wirelessly to your radio SKU: FMAUXT001
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With this FM transmitter you do not need to install a new AUX input adapter cable or do any coding.  You can transmit audio from your Android monitor to your radio wirelessly.

Eliminates the need for an audio jack or Bluetooth in your car audio system.

Simple usage: Simply insert the FM Transmitter into the audio socket of your monitors AUX ouput or device (smartphone, tablet, or mp3 player) and adjust the FM transmitter to an FM radio signal which is not occupied by a local broadcast.

Now you can play your music through your FM radio without the need to install a AUX input adapter cable!


Included in package:

1 - FM Transmitter

1 - USB Charging Cable




Output Voltage: 5±0.1V
Battery: 100 mAh
FM Frequency: 87.5-108.0MHZ
Frequency Response: 100-15000Hz
Transmission Distance: 5 meters
Storage Temperature: -4°F-120°F
Operating Temperature: 10°F-100°F
Size: 2.36”×1.46”×0.39” (L×W×H)
Weight: 0.55oz
Package Size: 5.02”×3.15”×0.79” (L×W×H)
Package Weight: 1.5oz