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 Apple CarPlay

(requires optional adapter)




























BMW 3-Series F30 Install Video



BMW E46 AVIN Avant-2 DIY Install Video















Android Auto*

With the Avant-2 mirrorlink function and the AutoMate app installed on your Android phone you can have Android Auto like features now.



ValentineOne Radar Detector Road Test Demo

At 5:10 into the video we drive pass a California Highway patrol car and the radar detector start going off.  It displays the number of radars deteceted and the direction from which the radar is coming from.  In this demo video the V1 radar detector was only temporarily mounted on the passenger sunvisor.  You can of course install the V1 a lot better so no cable is hanging or showing.



iPhone AirPlay Mirroring

You can wirelessly display your iPhone or iPad entire screen onto the Avant-2 using Apple's built in AirPlay feature.  An iPhone 6 Plus is used in this demo.

























Universal Double DIN